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Personalization of one’s device is one of the most fascinating ways that developers gather data to see how users are interacting with their device. From something as small as adjusting the size and position of the dock on your Mac, developers and strategists use this information to design their next product. It’s all about the customer in today’s day and age. 

One such way that Mac fanatics have been able to personalize their computer is with the dock. The dock at the bottom of a Mac holds all your most important applications on your Desktop. It is originally located at the bottom of your screen but users have the option to increase its size or move it to the left or right hand of the screen. Some may ask why do people do this? 

It is all about what they feel is right for them. Some users hate seeing a big bar at the bottom of their screen, so they decide to reduce its size and move it to the right-hand side of the screen. Others decide that it is perfect where it was originally located. Some may decide to remove the dock entirely and turn Hiding On. It is a small visual change on your computer but studies have proven that the location of your “taskbar” or “dock” has increased productivity for some and decreased for others. It is exactly why Apple has given its users the option to make this small change on their screen. 

Adjusting the size and position of the dock on your screen is extremely simple and takes just a few steps. Scroll down below to learn exactly how!

How to Change the Size and Position of the Dock on Mac 

Step #1: Open System Preferences and click on Dock 

Step #2: Adjust the slider to change the Size and Magnification of the dock. You can also change its Position on Screen!

Adjust the Size, Magnification and Position on Screen!

Whether it is aesthetically pleasing or it helps increase your productivity, adjusting the settings of the dock on your Mac can go a long way for you. It is a stress-free setting to adjust whenever you feel so and it only takes a few seconds. Now, you have got the inside scoop on how to configure the settings of your dock. With new Mac updates, you never have to stick with the Dock’s default lock and there are a number of settings you can change to personalize it to your liking. 

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