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Have you ever felt that it takes a while to upload large files to an email? Turning your file into a PDF allows you to create a professional document that is universal, versatile, and accessible. Sending the original document runs the risk of sacrificing the appearance and formatting of your content. The reason: well a PDF is universal whereas the person you are sending your files to may not be using the same programs as you. 

PDFs fundamentally allow you to package attachments professionally, so that anyone can access them at any time without having to save the file to their desktop or use external software to open it. To attach a PDF to any Email, simply note the following steps below. 

How to Attach a PDF to an Email 

Step #1: Open your Gmail Account and open a new email 

Step #2: Click on the Link icon at the bottom of the email and choose the PDF you want to embed

Step #3: Click Open 

Attaching a PDF to an Email is not complicated at all and it just takes a few seconds. This is an extremely beneficial way to attach your work to send to your bosses or coworkers. The PDF format is universal and can be opened from any device in an easily available format that is ready to read the minute you open it. 

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