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Professionalism in business entails authority, consideration, and accountability. It is an important skill that can help someone go a long way. While professionalism consists of many key elements, such as tidiness, communication, and humility, there are some minor things that one can do to improve his or her professional demeanor. Adding a signature to a Gmail account is one of them.  

How to Add a Signature to Gmail

This process might sound complicated, but it is not in reality. Adhere to the steps below to personalize your email account:

Step #1: Click on the settings wheel and select “Settings.”

Step #2: Scroll down until you see the “Signature” section

Step #3: Add your signature and then click on “Save Changes.”

Now that you know how to add a signature to your Gmail account, it’s time to check out our How to Use The Internet Series to find out how to recognize scammy emails, delete your Facebook account, etc.

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