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Accessing the Activity Monitor on your Mac is extremely easy, but understanding the function of the monitor is crucial. 

In short, when a specific app or process is frozen or unresponsive, the Activity Monitor allows you to fill the app. The application also allows you to figure out how much energy your Mac is using and helps you locate applications that are using the most energy. If you choose to add the Activity Monitor to your dock, you can actively monitor your CPU, network, or disk usage with a small, live graph. 

Instead of calling up Apple Customer Support or using an online chat box, make sure that you check your Activity Monitor to pinpoint any problems. Follow the steps below to learn how to access your Activity Monitor on Mac. 

How to Access the Activity Monitor on Mac 

Step #1: Open Finder and navigate to your Applications Folder 

Step #2: Choose Utilities 

Step #3: Select Activity Monitor 

Accessing your Activity Monitor only takes a few seconds. Make sure that you get acquainted with all the terms in the Activity Monitor so that you know exactly what to do if you ever encounter a problem. Troubleshooting is extremely easy when you are able to pinpoint where your problem is coming from. Activity Monitor allows you to navigate between four unique tabs to track everything going on with your computer.

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