Supported Workflows

Human Interaction

Show your customers you are not a robot behind a screen— add your face to your name.

Faster Than Typing

Quickly answer a question instead of having to write it down.

No Uploading

A link is automatically copied to your clipboard. Paste it anywhere to share your video.

Why record your webcam?

CloudApp's webcam recorder feature adds a human touch to digital communication. Teams can connect with customers and clients with a video recording, putting a face to the name— showing them that you are not a robot behind a screen. 

With the webcam video recorder, your team can quickly answer a question for colleagues instead of having to write it out, provide clarity to customers by visually explaining a solution or idea, easily upload the content to the cloud, and instantly share by pasting the link anywhere. Create a webcam video to make any communication more personal and stand out from the crowd.

Popular Webcam Recording Topics