Supported Workflows

Share Large Files

Share any file by only sending a link. No more error messages from your email provider.

All in the Cloud

Choose your cloud storage provider or host your content with us—it’s free.

Secure Your Files

Protect your files with a password. Set expiration dates on the links you share.

Why store files in the cloud?

CloudApp's file upload feature easily uploads your data to the cloud for quick sharing and secure, organized storage. Teams and individuals can store files and share them by simply sending a link. The files are password protected, have expiration dates, and are hosted for free. 

With CloudApp’s file hosting, you can upload small and large files of any type, and securely store them in the cloud, using your choice of cloud storage provider. Once uploaded, your data is searchable, can be organized in a collection, and 100% secure with encryption and password protection.

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