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Screen Recording

Save time by recording your thoughts and screen. No more typing complex ideas.

Supported Workflows

Explain Faster

Save time by recording your thoughts and screen. No more typing complex ideas.

Custom Videos

Catch your customer’s attention by quickly recording a personalized video. Stand out from the crowd.

No Uploading

A link is automatically copied to your clipboard. Paste it anywhere to share your video.

What are the benefits of Screen Recording?

Screen recording is a fantastic way to share thoughts, collaborate, and get messages across without the exchange of lengthy emails or complicated descriptions. It’s perfect for visual learners who require clear demonstrations rather than detailed explanations. Screen recordings can be quickly consumed and easily understood, transforming the way you communicate with others. Recording your screen can simplify the communication of complex concepts and save time – which is why it’s crucial you choose a screen recording tool that’s easy to use and makes sharing simple. 

Screen Recording with CloudApp

CloudApp offers a straightforward screen recording tool that doesn’t require uploading to a third platform. After creating your screen recording, CloudApp automatically copies a link to your clipboard that’s ready to share. You can also choose to protect the link with a password and set it to expire after a desired length of time. And if screen recording still isn’t enough to make a concept clear, CloudApp offers a webcam feature that allows you to include your voice and face in your screen recording to provide narrations. CloudApp’s Screen Recorder is available for Mac, Windows, iOS and Chrome.

How to Screen Record using CloudApp

  • Step 1: Download CloudApp for Windows or Mac
  • Step 2: Click on the CloudApp.msi file in the downloads folder.
  • Step 3: CloudApp should immediately open.
  • Step 4: Register for a free CloudApp screen recording account when prompted.
  • Step 5:  To record your screen, click on your CloudApp icon. Select Record. Prefer keyboard shortcuts? Use this combination for Mac :Cmd+Shift+6, and this one for Windows: Alt+Shift+6
  • Step 6: Use your mouse to select the area on your screen you wish to record and click the green “Start” button to begin recording.
  • Step 7: Click the red “Finish” button when you are done with your video. 
  • Step 8: Use the link automatically copied to your clipboard to share your recording.

Integrating Screen Recording with Productivity Apps

Productivity Apps help you save time and increase efficiency. However, they can become a drag by requiring you to use an additional platform to create and share visual content. That’s why CloudApp’s screen recording software can be easily integrated into your preferred productivity app – saving you time and eliminating hassle. CloudApp offers integration for Slack, Trello, Asana, Zendesk, Atlassian Jira, Drift, Google Docs, and Intercom to name a few. 

Why CloudApp is the Superior Screen Recording Software 

As mentioned before, screen recording tools can do wonders to increase your productivity and enhance communication. But choose wisely – not all screen recorders were created equal. CloudApp only requires you to download one native app that does it all, with features such as screen capturingGIF creationannotation, webcam recording and, call-to-action buttons in addition to screen recording. No more browser extensions, limited file storage, or separate screens that obstruct your view of the window you want to record. Just a simple screen recorder that’s easy to use and won’t get in your way or hinder your productivity. 

Enhance your Screen Recordings with other CloudApp Features

In addition to screen recording, CloudApp offers a number of different features that can be used in conjunction with screen recording or by themselves. Screen recordings help you get your point across clearly and quickly. You can also further enhance the clarity of your screen recording by adding annotations. Using CloudApp, you can add circles, arrows, lines, drawings and even emojis to your screen recordings to take your visual content to the next level or bring attention to certain details. You can also use the annotation feature to blur out any sensitive information or irrelevant content you might not want to include in your screen recording. No matter what kind of screen recording you create, you can easily share it using CloudApp’s drag and drop feature. Your content will also automatically be copied to your clipboard as well as uploaded to your cloud so that you can easily access it when needed. 

Uses for Screen Recording

Screen recording can transform the way you communicate with colleagues, customers, and other businesses. This holds true no matter what business you’re in or what department you work for. Sales representatives can quickly provide demos to customers or create custom sales content. Marketing can bring content to life and enhance the visual experience of customers. Customer Support can provide quick explanations to customers who may have questions that require detailed explanations. Collaboration between teams can reach unprecedented levels when you share glimpses of project progress and communicate seamlessly.

Screen Recording Use Cases by Role

Engineering– Sometimes a screenshot isn’t enough to explain the complex concepts of the engineering world. Screen recordings are transformative when it comes to cross-functional communication, bridging the gap between you and those on other teams.

  • Improve code review with screen recordings
  • Accelerate onboarding 
  • Include screen recorded CloudApp videos in documentation

Customer Support – Answer customer questions using a screen recording. 

  • Teach customers how to navigate your company’s website
  • Provide answers to FAQ’s 
  • Customers can create and share a screen recording with the support team to show the issue they need help with 

Sales – Creating personalized messages to customers can have up to a 10x return on conversion rates. Cutting through the noise of cluttered inboxes with a video message will set you apart from your competitors. Use CloudApp’s screen recording tool to boost sales and push ahead of others.

  • Provide tutorials for onboarding
  • Review documents without need for a meeting
  • Keep in touch during long sales cycles
  • Case study – G2Crowd

Product- Screen recorded how-to videos enable you to demonstrate how a product works with ease and style. Education is crucial for customer engagement, and how-to videos can be a great way to onboard and instruct your customers faster. 

  • New features
  • Basic features
  • Advanced features
  • Customer stories

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