Supported Workflows

Explain Faster

Save time by recording your thoughts and screen. No more typing complex ideas.

Custom Videos

Catch your customer's attention by quickly recording a personalized video. Stand out from the crowd.

No Uploading

A link is automatically copied to your clipboard. Paste it anywhere to share your video.

Why record your screen?

CloudApp's GIF screen recording feature allows teams to record and share ideas, visually communicate thoughts, and collaborate with coworkers and colleagues through personalized videos. While tools that record your screen are abundant, it’s essential that you choose one that is easy to use, actually saves time, and is easy to share. With CloudApp you can leverage the full potential of HD video and webcam recordings to work faster and be more productive. 

Our screen recorder makes it super simple to communicate and share your screen recording without having to upload to a third platform. Once you complete your video or webcam recording, a link is automatically copied to your clipboard that can be password protected and set to expire after any desired length of time.

Popular Screen Recording Topics