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Capture Your Screen

Only a simple shortcut away to capture your screen.

Supported Workflows

Screen, Voice and Webcam Recording

Only a simple shortcut away to capture your screen.

No More Desktop Clutter

Free your laptop by storing your content on the cloud. Make it easier to find your files.

Share in Two Clicks

A link is automatically copied to your clipboard. Easily share in any of your favorite apps.

When to Use Screen Capture


Screen capturing software is an essential tool all businesses should use when communicating with colleagues, customers, and others. It can help simplify explanations by providing visual content that’s easier to digest than lengthy descriptions. It can be used to refer to ideas, projects, external websites, and much more without using a description that explains how to navigate to the specific content. Screen captures allow others to see a glimpse of what you see–meaning they can be particularly useful for sharing snippets, such as what your screen looks like from your device,  personal account, browser or software. Sharing perspective is key for teams, and screen captures are a great way to contribute and communicate effectively. 

CloudApp’s Screen Capture

By using CloudApp’s screen capture tool, you can communicate up to 3x faster. Taking screen captures is made easy with CloudApp: simply drag your mouse to select the portion you wish to capture or choose to capture your entire screen. A link is automatically copied to your clipboard, making it easy for you to upload and share with others.  

Because security is our first priority, all screen captures created with CloudApp are fully encrypted and stored within the cloud. All data centers are monitored 24/7 and penetration tests are regularly conducted. 

You can also spice up your screen capture using other tools offered by CloudApp, such as annotations. This feature allows you to add arrows, circles, lines, drawings, text and even emojis to any screen capture. Get your point across even quicker by calling attention to details within your capture to enhance overall clarity. The annotation tool can also be used to blur out any sensitive content or irrelevant information you don’t want included in your screen capture. Because CloudApp is available for both MacOS and Windows users, collaborating and sharing is easier than ever. You can also use your iPhone to view and share content using the iOS app. 

Screen Capture Use Cases by Role

Engineering –  Code Review tool that provides a clear view of code and allows you to work even faster. Code can often be lengthy, so save yourself the hassle of typing it all out and simply send a screen capture. Some other engineering screen capture use cases:

  • Annotation on bug reports
  • Internal communications
  • Documenting and onboarding

Customer Support – Create a helpful FAQ section using screen captures to support written answers. Use the annotation tool to emphasize specifics within your capture and leave no customer confused. Or have customers send a screen capture over to the support team to show them exactly what they’re struggling with. When it comes to customer questions, quick response times and accurate answers are crucial–so skip the long email exchanges and start increasing customer satisfaction. 

Sales – Combining screen recording and screen capture from CloudApp will enhance your sales teams connection to first time and existing customers. It can also help your audience understand your product and its benefits, and therefore help you close deals. 

Product –  Use screen captures to display multiple options to choose from, and quickly make collaborative decisions with your team. Visual communication is important when it comes to sharing a product vision with others, especially with those not on your team. Screen captures quickly get the job done and can be easily shared with anyone in any department. 

More Use Cases by Role

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