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Create GIFs

Make absorbing information as easy as possible with a loopable video.

Supported Workflows

Digestible Content

Make absorbing information as easy as possible with a loopable video.

Easy as Click & Point

No more lengthy emails or written explanations. Give context quickly and visually.

Embed Anywhere

Provide clear visual instructions that can be embedded directly in documents and apps.

What is a GIF?


A gif is a loopable moving image. It combines multiple images or frames into a single file to create an animated image. Fun fact: The word GIF actually stands for Graphical Interchange Format. 

How are GIFs used?

GIFs are often used on social media, blogs, and entertainment sites due to their fun nature. However, they can also be used to express emotions, ideas, or messages, which is where they can come in handy for your business. Because GIFs are essentially small virtual flipbooks, they are useful for portraying information that may need to be viewed multiple times. GIFs automatically loop without the need to press play, meaning they can help others comprehend concepts they may need to review continuously. Unlike traditional text, GIFs make absorbing information fun and easy, which boosts engagement. 

Benefits of using GIFs

GIFs are more than just a fun way to communicate. They can help you and your team save a tremendous amount of time – GIF use at CloudApp has enabled us to finish tasks 300% faster. The power of GIFs is truly recognized when you consider all of the other tasks and projects that can now be completed thanks to all the time they’ve helped you save.  GIFs can do wonders to improve both internal and external communication, and help your business to be more efficient. However, software that doesn’t make using and creating GIFs easy defeats the whole purpose. That’s why CloudApp offers a simple GIF Maker that’s available for Windows, Mac, iOS and Chrome. 

CloudApp’s GIF Maker 

CloudApp now allows you to join in on the fun by offering you the tools to create your own GIFs. Better yet, CloudApp allows you to easily embed them in emails, presentations or instant messages so that you can skip typing out long descriptions – saving you time and increasing efficiency. Using CloudApp, you can create a GIF up to 30 seconds long that packs a visual punch and can be easily shared using the link automatically copied to your clipboard or by dragging and dropping. Available for Windows, Mac, iOS and Chrome.

Annotate GIFs Using CloudApp (Mac Only)

You can also use CloudApp to add annotations to your GIFs to provide clarity or emphasize details. GIF annotations are a fantastic way to replace the need for recorded audio instructions – simply add text to a GIF. You can also use lines, arrows, circles and drawings to ensure small details aren’t missed in quick GIFs. Alternatively, the blur tool allows you to hide irrelevant details or sensitive information. 

How to make GIFs using CloudApp

Once you’ve downloaded CloudApp, simply click the GIF icon. Choose whether you’d like to make a GIF of your entire screen or just a portion of it, then click “Start” to commence GIF making. After you’re finished creating, a link will automatically be copied to your clipboard, ready to share with others. All stored within the cloud to keep your content safe and your desktop free of clutter. 

GIF Maker Use Cases by Role

Engineering – Demonstrate how to test code using a GIF; the looping image is a great learning device for those who may need to review a difficult concept multiple times.

Customer Support – Create a quick tutorial for customers that they can refer back to when they get confused. GIF’s are fantastic to feature within FAQ sections or embed within emails. When customers come to your team for help, it may be because existing information in the form of text wasn’t helpful to them. Certainly they wouldn’t benefit from a wordy email exchange; opt for an easy-to-digest GIF instead, which can be dragged and dropped directly into an email.

Sales  Be the salesperson who stands out from the others by making use of GIFs. 

  • Build rapport with customers
  • Make graphs and stats come to life
  • Illustrate the benefits of a product 

Product –  Display a product by showcasing it in action using a GIF. Visual product demonstrations help users envision how a product works in real life, and can encourage them to learn more about it. Content that correctly captures and illustrates a product and its uses can make or break a deal.

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