CloudApp Features


Create folders to store your frequently used CloudApp creations for quick storage and sharing. Collaborate faster and find your videos, screenshots, and GIFs quicker with collections.

Save Time

Organize your creations and save time in finding and sharing them

Team Collaboration

Create collection folders shared across the team for quicker collaboration

No upload required

After you create a video, screenshot, or GIF just save to a collection and share the link

What are the benefits of Collections?

In today’s fast-moving world, work should be seamless. It should be fast. But most of what we do every day is slowed down by ineffective meetings, confusing communication, and complex technology. CloudApp is the bridge between a confusing world of text and a future of clairvoyance. Our mission is to revolutionize the modern workplace with visual communication. That’s why CloudApp is bringing collections right to your desktop -- to make all of your personal and team content collaborative and accessible right from your fingertips for quick access.

Welcome, Collections

CloudApp Collections bring your content and workflow together. With Collections, you can access everything you need to work faster and instantly share the right content. Collections allow you to organize your most important content, to keep it accessible from your menu bar or taskbar, and to instantly share with a colleague or customer.

Collections are available today for both Mac and Windows and can be downloaded here.

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Screen Capture

A picture is worth a thousand words – make it meaningful with CloudApp’s screen capture feature. Quickly show others exactly what you mean by capturing and sharing your screen. No more lengthy explanations that leave room for confusion. Choose to capture your entire screen or just a portion of it.


Enhance screenshots and GIFs with annotations. Add quick drawings, arrows, lines, emojis and other shapes to communicate with clarity. Blur any sensitive information. Provide context and clarity to complex concepts that may need additional explanation, and help bring attention to important details that might be overlooked or hard to find.

Screen Recording

Screen recording is a helpful communication tool used to easily demonstrate ideas that may be too complex to describe using just textual descriptions. Record your screen and share exactly what you’re thinking. No more lengthy emails or wordy explanations – just clear visual demonstrations via screen recording.

GIF Maker

Record your screen as a loopable GIF to explain difficult concepts and give clear instructions. No long-worded emails needed. Just drag the GIF directly into your message and “show don’t tell.”

Webcam Recording

Remind others that you’re not a robot behind the screen. Add a human touch to your digital content by adding your face and voice to screen recordings. Create a video with your webcam to make any communication more personal. Stand out with a thoughtful and customized message.

Upload and Share Files

Upload large files of any type and turn them into easy-to-share links with optional password protection and expiration dates. Searchable and secure, your data is organized and in one place.

CTA Button

Introducing the adaptable button from CloudApp. The call-to-action button is completely customizable – link to an article, close a deal, or schedule a meeting. This clickable action can be added to any drop and is a fun way to encourage engagement.


Use customizations to get the most of your CloudApp usage. With customizations you can use CloudApp to promote your own brand, including logos, customized redirect URLs, custom domains, webhooks, comments, and more.


Dedicated commitment to securing your data and information with SOC2 Type II compliance


With templates you’ll be able to share your sales, product, and customer support videos, images, and GIFs — faster. The pain of recreating the same sharing format is now gone, helping you stay focused on your workflow, rather than the setup. You can also choose from templates we have created for you to use with your videos if you want! We’ll be adding more templates over time, as well as the ability to create your own.