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CloudApp brings screen recording, screenshots, and GIF creation to the cloud, in an easy-to-use enterprise-level app. Just capture, share, and accelerate your workflow.
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Hot air balloon on a screen recording

Record your screen

Capture exactly what you’re seeing on your screen by recording a video. You can scroll about your page, click, or move from tab to tab. You can even add your webcam to personalize and narrate your screen recording. All saved as an easy-to-share link automatically copied to your clipboard.

Using asynchronous video screen recording with CloudApp can be a perfect compliment to real time Zoom calls and for ways to connect with a digital remote workforce.  

Check Out Some Business Use Cases

Engineering: Improve bug reports and documentation with screen recorded videos from CloudApp

Customer Support: Create walk-through tutorials to help customers, and even upload them to YouTube

Management: Enhance internal communication

: Showcase products and quickly demo features

Product: Demonstrate how a product works

Marketing: Deepen engagement with a screen recording  

Create GIFs

Spice up your screen recording by creating it as a GIF. This loopable moving image is perfect for making difficult concepts come to life. Clear up all the confusion created by wordy, overwhelming emails by simply sending a GIF that “shows” rather than “tells”. Fantastic for visual learners who prefer demonstrations over explanations. 

Check Out Some Business Use Cases

: Increase productivity and eliminate wordy emails 

Sales: Grab the attention of prospects and increase responsiveness 

: Improve emailing ROI, and add GIFs to presentations 

: Process bugs in JIRA 

: Showcase proofs

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Capture your screen

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Annotate your images

Make your screenshots and GIFs shine by annotating them. Annotations allow for enhanced clarity when communicating specifics.

After creating a screenshot or GIF, you can add arrows, lines, emojis, text and even drawings to emphasize what’s important. And don’t stress about the sharing of any sensitive information that may be visible in your screenshot or GIF ― simply blur it out. 

Check Out Some Business Use Cases

Management: Avoid miscommunication between departments and add clarity to shared documents

Designers: Precisely convey changes and adjustments to designs

: Quickly create and enhance presentations

: Clearly communicate code changes

Customer Support: Improve clarity and understanding when answering customer questions 

Human Resources
: Onboard new employees with increased efficiency

Webcam screen record

Aid communication by recording with webcam. Your face and voice can be featured in your recording to add a personal touch to your content. Provide clarity and comfort to customers who are convinced they’re conversing with a robot. 

Check Out Some Business Use Cases

Support: Improve customer satisfaction with personalized communication 

Human Resources
: Personalize new hire orientation messages 

Sales: Strengthen relationships with clients

Management: Customize communication with colleagues 

Developers: Quickly explain complex concepts and review code 

Product: Shorten the feedback loop, improve collaboration, and create SaaS product videos

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Upload & share files

Sharing large files doesn’t have to be so frustrating. Upload files of any type and transform them into shareable links so you can forget the “failed to upload” error messages. Choose to protect them with a password and expiration date and keep them secure and searchable in one organized place. 

Check Out Some Business Use Cases

Designers: Upload and share large content-filled files with ease and speed, and keep links updated 

Management: Securely share files with colleagues across platforms using a single link 

Developers: Keep a clean desktop by uploading to the cloud, where files will be secure and organized 

Marketing: Easily collaborate and share with your team 

Sales: Quickly share feedback from prospects with your team 

Product: Organize collections for specific products

Call-to-Action Button

Create a customizable button with CloudApp. Make it easy to access links to articles, schedule a meeting, or purchase a product with the click of the button. You can choose the clickable action the button performs and add it to any of your content. 

Use Cases

Sales: Erase funnel friction and close deals

Marketing: Increase customer engagement and KPI’s

Designers: Create aesthetically pleasing buttons that match branding

Support: Offer an easy-to-use button that puts customers in touch with your team

Product: Link to articles or product roadmaps

Additional features

CloudApp also has a variety of additional functionalities for your workflow and business.

Secure Sharing & Controlled Access

Control your privacy and security. Expire content, password protect it, and lock down access.

White Label

Add your logo and a link to your website on your share pages. You can also customize the URL. Give your customers the full brand experience.

Visual Search

Search within images for text, objects or attributes like color with powerful machine-learning technology.

Analytics & Insights

Keep track of the number of views on your Drops and get real-time notifications when your content is viewed.