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Hey Qualtrics! We are thrilled to welcome you to the CloudApp community.

We put together some pieces of content that we thought would be helpful for your current use cases. Below you will find content on Customer Support, Using CloudApp, some long form eBooks on strategy, and also a few blog posts we did on your company. Enjoy and don’t hesitate to reach out to your customer success team member with any questions you might have.
Employee Productivity Tools

Employee Productivity Tools to Work Smarter, Not Harder

Employee Productivity. Two words that have been a crucial piece in the great “work remote forever” vs “return to office” vs “what about a hybrid middle ground?” debate for all sides. The most common disconnect seems to lie with the more “traditional” style of work that many in leadership and management roles started out in against those who now feel as if they have been more productive and engaged than ever before with the ability to work from home and be more autonomous. That’s why employee productivity tools exist, to keep workers efficient in any setting.

3 Things I Wish I Knew When I Started as a Customer Success Professional

In this post Chad will elaborate on customer success lessons and provide additional advice on things he wishes he knew when he started as a customer success professional.

How to Build a Digital Customer Success Program That’s Right For You

Overwhelmed with going digital? You’re not the only one. To drive digital transformation in Customer Success is a huge undertaking.
CloudApp leadership team announcement

Announcing Our Newest Leadership Team Members!

Meet Jana Lass, Vice President of Marketing, and Sachin Lad, Vice President of Engineering.
business communication

How Companies Can Use Async Messaging Tools

Asynchronous communication, or async for short, may be a term that you’re not super familiar with but you’re definitely more familiar with async messaging tools than you think.
cloudapp screen capture software

My Top 5 Tools for Digital Customer Success

Customer Success leaders, it's time for your money to not be scared, so you can go make some! Luke Ferrel's top 5 digital customer success tools right here, right now.

8 Best Practices for Working Remotely as a Team

Image Source: Remote work is the way of the future. During

13 Tips for Effective Communication in the Workplace

Have you ever spent precious time trying to decode a long email chain of forwarded and CC’d information, only to find that you’ve lost a necessary attachment somewhere along the way?
person at laptop

Improving a Customer Service Email with Video

What is an easy way to make sure your customer service experience is delivering and exceeding expectations?

5 Habits to a Highly Successful Customer Success Leader

Let's talk habits of a highly successful Customer Success leader. What do you need to do, have each day to grow--yourself and your team?
How Asynchronous Messaging in Customer Service Improves Customer Experience

How Asynchronous Messaging in Customer Service Improves Customer Experience

Customer service and the customer experience are integral to the success of any business. Neither of which are an easy task. One way to keep customer satisfaction high and to help take some pressure off of customer support teams is to implement asynchronous messaging into customer service practices.

Why Customer Success Is the Missing Link in Customer Marketing

As long as the strategy and work are defined cross-functionally between Customer Success and marketing, it shouldn’t matter who drives.