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Built with enterprises, for enterprises

With enterprise grade security, admin, and privacy options, CloudApp has put a focus on businesses from day one. See how video and visuals can improve the speed and quality of your internal and external communications today.

Enterprise grade security and privacy

Using Machine Learning, our intelligent content analysis platform can empower your IT team to enable pre-defined policies that help keep your team and customer data safe and secure.

With domain lockdown and admin privileges, you can control any of the documents being created on your servers.

We provide multiple layers of security including: 256-bit SSL enforcement, custom SSL, authentication and 2FA control, multi-layered access control. Content can self-destruct by expiration time or view count, and we are SOC2 compliant.

Team Management

CloudApp eliminates many of the miscommunication barriers that often come with remote or cross-team work.

With a variety of easy-to-use features ranging from screen recording to GIF creation for accelerating your workflow, internal and external collaboration has never been more efficient. This means you and your team can have more time for the things you love- you know, non-work things.

It also provides essential control options- so whether you’re managing employees or contractors, you can keep sensitive information safe by knowing who is on the platform and when.

Made to Integrate

We understand the importance of being on the same page.  Having the ability to seamlessly communicate across channels means less friction, faster turnaround, and more transparency.

That’s why CloudApp is integrated everywhere you work. 

We’ve built native integrations across platforms like Zendesk, Slack, Trello and JIRA, as well as have native preview support in hundreds of your favorite apps like Intercom and skype- just to name a few.

Custom Branding

Your brand is important to you- and we think you should be able to leave your mark.  

With CloudApp you can implement a custom domain to enhance your brand recognition that gives you additional control and functionality, as well as making an impression on your customers to make sure they remember you, for you.

"The videos are actually selling for us when we are not around."
Olivier L'Abbé | G2 Crowd
Olivier L'Abbé
SVP of Sales at G2 Crowd

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G2 Crowd Sales team has built over $7m in sales pipeline using CloudApp to create personalized videos for customers

The Drift Customer Success team saves 56 hours every week with CloudApp

Help Scout’s VP of Sales saved 110 hours while creating engaging content for his prospects

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