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Students & Educators ❤️ CloudApp

Get your free Educational account, which is the equivalent of a paid Pro account

First, create a free CloudApp account with your .edu address, then fill out the form below and we'll get you upgraded!
If you don't have an edu email and are K-12, email support@getcloudapp.com and attach your student ID

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Why CloudApp?

CloudApp combines ease of use with more robust functionality to accommodate all students, from those in elementary school to those in advanced engineering courses. Teachers and education leaders can also use our software to explain complex processes and demonstrate learning techniques. CloudApp offers solutions for your entire school. Sign up and kick-start your digital learning initiative.

Free for individual teachers & students

CloudApp will automatically upgrade your account if you’re a K12 teacher or student registering with a valid educational email address. You simply need to sign up for a free account and fill out a quick prompt so we can enable Pro on your account.


Teach your students the power of teamwork. CloudApp runs in the cloud, so your whole group can view video recordings, and share and give feedback on ideas with visuals. If someone’s missing, invite that person to get CloudApp for free too. You can also use CloudApp in all of your favorite tools, from Slack to Zendesk to Atlassian to Trello and hundreds of others.

Fully integrated

You can integrate all CloudApp products with Google across your entire domain. If you already use G Suite for Education, enable Google SSO, and you’ll be able to create and manage assets from the interface you’re familiar with.

Quick to learn

Our clean, straightforward capture and recording tools are intuitive for students of all ages. Simply highlight what you want to share on your screen, record it, and share it. Students can unleash their creativity since they aren’t bogged down with more complex technology.


CloudApp is integrated everywhere you work. We've built native integrations across platforms like Zendesk, Slack, Trello and JIRA and have native, beautiful preview support in hundreds more like Intercom and Skype.

Team management

Invite cross-team collaboration on CloudApp, while providing essential controls for employees and contractors alike. Create policies that enforce security measures and restrict access to content based on user profile or physical location. Keep sensitive information safe by knowing who is on the platform and when.

Custom Branding

Implement a custom domain to enhance your brand recognition with additional control and functionality. Reflect your brands personality, be more memorable, and stand out.


Get the insights you need. Know who views your videos and content and see where each link or asset is viewed from. Get detailed statistics and tracking history to maintain control even after you hit send.


Your security is our highest priority. We value your trust and provide multiple layers of security including: 256-bit SSL enforcement, custom SSL, authentication and 2-factor (2FA) control, multi-layered access control including user and organization level, password or IP network. Content self-destruction by expiration time, view count.

CloudApp provides free educational licenses that include all Pro features to schools and universities

First, create a free CloudApp account with a .edu account, then fill out the form below and we'll get you upgraded!

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