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6 Customer Support Secrets

A handful of world-class teams set the bar for kickass customer support. In doing so, they’ve become some of the most beloved software brands on the planet. And you can join them.

What strategies are these teams using to delight customers at scale? Their processes are built to evolve as business grows. They prioritize building trust with customers. And they look beyond the queue to turn support into a key part of the overall customer experience.

Their success—while impressive—isn’t impossible. These companies are industry favorites who have open-sourced their learnings, so teams everywhere can do better by their customers. 

This playbook shows how these teams deliver superior support and how you can borrow their best practices today.

Key Takeaways

  • Set up a sync with product representatives and share meeting notes across the entire support organization.
  • Give your customers the power to approach the problem the way they want.
  • Get a holistic picture of where the customer has been and where they currently are in the problem-solving process