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How To Create A Positive And Memorable Experience

Creating a positive experience isn’t rocket science, thankfully. Anyone can create a memorable and noteworthy experience provided they have appropriate intent and a keen understanding of what others are looking for from said experience.

How can you create a notable experience for your customers?

  1. Simple cues – a person’s body language, facial expressions, and the tone of their voice/the way they type can give us a broad perception of who they are and what they may be looking for. Combine the simple factors you know about the customer from the information or cues they have given. This will allow you to interact with them on a more personable level.
  2. Emotional connection – humans are emotional beings, there is no denying that. We tend to act on the emotions derived from the situation we are currently experiencing. Creatings means to emotionally connect with a customer, whether through visual, auditory, or textual realms can aid in amplifying their trust in you, thus, heightening the overall experience.
  3. Tech it out – we are thriving in a digital space nowadays, ergo, taking advantage of tech tools that can aid in customer experience is something to consider highly. Technological advancements can increase productivity and establish a more connected relationship between you and the customer. For example, screen recording can help better establish this connection and resolve any issues that may arise in a personable and time-efficient manner. Outlets such as mobile and social media can also help create opportunities to build off of.
  4. Keep the company in mind – creating experiences is one thing, but the desire and understanding behind them is a whole new ball park. In order to create meaningful experiences for your customers, it needs to become part of your DNA as a company. Make it a goal to plan, create, and build positive experiences. Without the care or desire to do so, it’s difficult to create these experiences. Don’t just do it because you HAVE to, do it because you WANT to.

Creating positive experiences does require a level of learning and understanding, however, with good intent, this can easily be done. Positive experiences not only lead to a happy customer, but can lead to long-term benefits for a business. If an individual had a positive experience with your business, they are more inclined to return and/or send others your way.

To truly understand the DNA of an experience, we have to first understand the individuals behind the experiences. Once we can do this, creating a positive experience is almost effortless.

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