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The Quest For Simplicity

Getting things done in a timely manner is crucial and simplifying only aids to that construct. Complex notions can hinder an experience. While you may have a viable message to relay to a consumer, it can get lost in a sea of complicated conundrums.

The thought process is simple, why do something the hard way when I can do it the easy way and get the same result?

At the end of the day, consumers want to derive something from their experience, whether that be a resolution, a product/service, or an answer to a burning question they have. Making the process easier for them highly contributes to the positivity of their experience.

Just as visual recordings, video screen, or webcam recordings save customers time, they also contribute to the simplicity and convenience you provide them. Why make them spend 20 minutes trying to decipher your 20 page how-to manual when instead they can spend a fraction of the time ACTUALLY retaining valuable information? Simplicity is key.

An exemplar would be the asymmetry betwixt this segment of the construct and this section of the sentence. Although not mind readers, we can guarantee the second part of the sentence was a lot easier to follow.

Imagine that sentence was CTA-based? Chances are people would be more inclined to take action on the simpler version rather than the complex one that actually has the exact same premise. Overcomplicating things won’t give others the assumption that those behind your business are all academically-gifted individuals, rather, it will just drive them into the business of those who speak to everyone, not just a small-tier of people.

Simplicity in and of itself is a means of providing someone with a memorable and valuable experience. As simple as that.

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