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Navigating Time Through Experience

What do we want? Time! When do we want it? Preferably today, but the schedule for the day looks packed, so let’s move it to next week!

Time is a massive contributing factor when it comes to a customers experience. From the initial introduction to the end, valuing their time is imperative. Between work, family, friends, self-care, etc, most people have trouble finding time to do, well, anything. The last thing anyone wants is to dedicate a significant amount of time to something that can easily be condensed.

How are we valuing our customers time?

The answer is simple. No really, that’s the actually answer – simple. Like any other business, our product takes some explaining. Instead of sending over clients a novel of instructions, how-to’s, do’s and don’ts, we make things visual, cutting back how much time is needed to understand so they can better focus on utilizing the product for THEIR benefit.

Have you ever tried explaining something to another person but to no avail? You just can’t find the words, but you swear you know what to do. This can create a back-and-forth or in worst cases, the person on the other end may give up and go elsewhere for their needs.

Screen Recording: Bringing Words to Life

The possibilities when it comes to screen recordings are endless, but let’s focus on the time element. Screen recording can translate the words you just can’t piece together. Want to explain how to use your product in the quickest way possible? Want to create a warm and personable introduction without giving off that “I’m here to pitch you something” vibe? A free screen recorder can help with just that.

How are we enhancing experience in this aspect? Eliminating confusion, back-and-forth explanations, and respecting the time of each and every individual we come across.

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