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Experiences In A Digital World

Without realizing it, some of us have more interactions with people through digital means than in real life. We may speak to a handful of co-workers on a daily basis but interact with a surfeit of people on social media or speak to our friends/family via messaging apps throughout the day. The notion of going to day without digital interaction seems improbable to many.

To reiterate how customary digital interactions are, let’s look at some corresponding numbers.

[As of 2019, there are 3.2 billion social media users which equates to around 42% of the entire world’s population]

[As of 2019, there are 2.71 billion smartphone users in the world, with this number projected to grow by the millions into 2020]

[One third of consumers prefer to utilize social media for customer service needs over telephone/email]

The statistics are telling of how much our experiences have shifted to a digital realm. For consumers, many find it easier to interact through modern day digital means and for brands, this means upping the ante when it comes to online efforts.

What experiences are most prevalent in the digital world?

We use the world wide web for a variety of reasons;

  • Interacting with friends and family
  • Interacting with brands/individuals
  • Providing/seeking customer support
  • Looking for the answer to a question/concern
  • Finding a new place to eat or hang out

These are just SOME of the actions we look to the online world to when completing. While most seem to be the norm, the one that has shifted to the digital world most recently is customer service.

Reaching out to obtain support from a business/brand use to mean calling their support line (and potentially being put through a series of automated messages before even speaking to a real person). Nowadays, people hop on platforms such as Twitter or Facebook or utilize means such as Live Chat or Email to obtain the support they need. Why? Time. Time is of the essence and it seems like there isn’t much of it. Obtaining service quickly without having to put one’s day on hold can heighten, not only the experience of the support, but the experience the individual has with the business as a whole. Heightening ones experience is beneficial for both parties involved.

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