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Deconstructing Experiences

“The way we experience the world around us is a direct reflection of the world within us.”  -Gabrielle Bernstein

Every action causes a reaction. Just as every situation draws an experience. Understanding the significance of experience is imperative for determining how we can better enhance the experience of others around us.

What factors determine how an experience with bode over?

There are a plethora of encompassing factors that can negate what we derive from an experience. Each factor impacts every individuals experience in a different way. For some, experience comes down to their interaction with another person in a certain situation. For others, experience comes down to how a specific process is handled. One utilitarianistic premise of an experience that we all want to derive from it is a positive resolution or outcome.

It’s human nature to crave a positive outlook on what happens in our lives. The same goes with experiences. Anything that can enhance our reception of an experience whether than means unleashing a sense of contentment, achievement, convenience, or any other positive realm is what a majority of people look for when it comes to experience.

Experiences can be made anywhere – at home, work, social outings, etc. Experiences can even be derived from a digital realm. How we interact with others through digital means and the notion we leave them with it telling of how we can shape experiences beyond face-to-face interactions. And with so many aspects of life shifting to a digital means, making these experiences count is essential.

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