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How Do Experiences Work?

Experiences – we all have them. Some experiences we will share whenever the opportunity arises and others we prefer to bury deep, deep in the confines of our own mind. Experiences arise with every action we take, even if we may not realize it. The interaction you had with your co-worker by the water cooler may not have been your cup of tea, but it was an experience.

How do experiences work?

Actions create experiences which then shape another action. What exactly does that mean? Imagine you go to a store to pick out a gift for a friends birthday (the action), but you aren’t too sure what to get them. An employee recognizes your hesitation and comes over to help you fine a gift. The employee asks questions about your friend, makes suggestions, and is nothing but helpful (experience). You leave the store with your gift, get home, hop on Google and leave a 5-star review raving about how great the customer service is at this particular store (action). Now imagine if the employee wasn’t so kind and helpful, the actions you take thereafter may not be the kindest.

Experiences shape how we react to situations in our day-to-day lives and how we pursue them. Ergo, it’s imperative to consider, not only how we experience things, but how we can shape experiences for others. Doing so comes down to understanding the DNA behind an experience and how our actions can change one’s perception of a situation.

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