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Remote Project Management

How do you properly manage a project when you and your team don’t work in the same location? While many of the tips we’ve already outlined apply, you’ll also want to consider the following to ensure your remote team can complete projects as efficiently as possible:

1. Hire the Right Team Members

Not every PM will have control of this. But for those who do, it’s essential to hire team members who will excel in remote situations. What does a successful remote worker look like?

They are:


Remote workers generally work in isolation, which means they won’t be able to rely on others to motivate them to get their work done. A remote worker that can’t inspire themselves to work on their tasks won’t be successful.

Great Communicator:

We’ll say it one more time, projects can only be completed successfully when everyone on the team communicates effectively. If you hire an employee that doesn’t communicate well, you’re in for a world of frustration.

Highly Skilled:

It should go without saying, but any remote worker that you hire should be excellent at their job. Since they won’t be in-office with your team, they won’t be able to rely on the expertise of others, making their own knowledge even more valuable.

2. Prioritize the Planning Phase

Obviously, remote teams are less accessible than in-office ones. You might be working with a variety of different characters from all over the globe. Because of this, it’s imperative that you have a solid, thoroughly vetted plan in place before you begin working on a project. By making sure that everyone on your staff understands their jobs, you’ll protect your team from making major mistakes and derailing your project in a serious way.

3. Check in Regularly

Finally, as a project manager, you need to be in constant contact with your team. That way they can ask questions, inform you of progress, and seek your counsel regarding roadblocks. So take another look at the “tools” section above and make sure that you’ve invested in a solution or two that will allow your team to contact you (and vice versa) in a convenient way. Using an asynchronous screen recorder to communicate can be a perfect way to check in without the need for a meeting.

Wrapping Up

Project management is an incredibly important job and integral to the success of most modern organizations. Fortunately, after reading this ebook, you now have a firm understanding of exactly what you need to possess, both internally and externally, to succeed as a project manager. Good luck!

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