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Develop Your Plan of Attack

Once you understand your role as a project manager, taken time to hone your project management skills, and chosen the right tools for your team, you can begin to formulate a plan of attack for the various projects you’ll be asked to complete.

Now, every project will be different, of course, and require a unique set of steps to complete successfully. But by having a few standard processes in place, you’ll save yourself time and ensure each project is finished as efficiently as possible. Here is a rock-solid four-step project management process for you to adopt:

Cast a Vision:

You can’t start planning a project until you know what you’re trying to accomplish and why. It’s important to really think through this first step and make sure that the project you’re about to undertake has a clear purpose and end goal. When it does, you can share your vision with other team members.

Create a Plan:

Once you know what you’re trying to achieve and why the objective is important to your organization, you can get into the nitty gritty of planning. You’ll want to map out each individual task that needs to be completed, who’s in charge of completing them, and when they need to have them completed by.

Carry Out Tasks:

Now that each of your team members has their marching orders, work can begin. This is exciting! But don’t get too far ahead of yourself. We suggest working in one to two week sprints, tracking your progress along the way, and gleaning feedback from your team. Again, make sure you and your team are in constant communication. Included screen recorder videos or images from a screenshot tool can help to provide imagery and context

Deliver a Product:

BOOM! You did it, you completed the project! Before you open a bottle of champagne to celebrate, you need to close out the budget and conduct a team-wide retrospective, which we’ll talk more about in the next section. And that’s it. If you follow this simple four-step plan for all of your projects, you’ll put yourself in a position to succeed more often than not.

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