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Invest in the Right Tools

Effective project management in the digital age requires (surprise!) digital tools. The software solutions you choose to use will have a large impact on how efficient your processes can be. As such, we wanted to take a moment to suggest three unique apps to add to your company’s technology stack: Slack, Asana, and CloudApp.

Let’s take a quick look at each:


This incredibly popular communication tool allows team members to contact each other via text chat, voice calls, and video conferences. Conversations can be organized into different channels based on project, team, etc., and users can both leave and rejoin conversations at any time — something you can’t do with traditional email chains. One Slack feature that we absolutely love is its searchable history. Everything that’s been posted inside a channel can easily be found again via a convenient search bar inside the app. This allows users to quickly recall past details regarding important projects. All in all, Slack is a valuable communication tool that will better enable you to communicate with your team, share progress updates, and adjust plans when needed.


Asana is a software solution that’s specifically designed for project management. As its website says, the tool helps teams “stay focused on the goals, projects, and daily tasks that grow business.” In other words, exactly what project managers need! All of your projects inside Asana can be viewed in a variety of different ways:


This view allows users to organize their projects in a very visual way. Every task that needs to be completed is given a card. Cards are then distributed into different columns based on their level of completion. When a task is finished, it can be dragged and dropped into the next column of the board.


The list view organizes every project task into a tidy todo list that allows users to quickly view which duties still need to be accomplished, in the order that they need to be accomplished in.


This view is perfect for complex undertakings because it enables users to map out their entire project on one screen and clearly see the relationship between every task, which means project managers have a much better chance of keeping their projects on track — even when changes occur.


The calendar view is exactly what it sounds like: a weekly or monthly calendar that shows every task that must be completed on the day it needs to be completed on. This view makes it easy to spot holes and overlaps in a schedule. No matter which view you choose to use, Asana will allow you to assign every task a due date, owner, and attachments. Users can also chat in-app and discuss project ideas.


Communication is absolutely essential to effective project management. As it turns out, CloudApp is the ultimate communication tool because it includes a free screen recorder with webcam option, screen shot on Mac toolMicrosoft snipping toolGIF maker, and image annotation features into one convenient app.

Imagine how much faster you’ll be able to get your points across when you can simply record your screen to illustrate a process, rather than typing out a long email. Or annotate a screenshot to pinpoint revision requests instead of wasting time going back and forth on the phone. CloudApp makes collaboration between team members a breeze.

But all these capabilities won’t cost you an arm and a leg. CloudApp can be used for free! We encourage you to get started today and experience the power of CloudApp for yourself.

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