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3. Improve Your ROI with CloudApp

Many screen recording softwares exist, and each has its benefits. Using CloudApp opens your team to a number of integrations with products they may

already be using. Integrations are great because they increase efficiency and allow for streamlined, easy communication when sharing annotated screenshots,

GIFs, etc.

Try incorporating video today to see for yourself how effective this content can be. CloudApp is always free and it’s easy to start:

• Go to and click “Sign up free”. You’ll enter in your email, a password, and have the option to invite your team to sign up for free,


• Select your operating system (MacOS or Windows) and hit download. Simple as that. Here is what Intercom and LeadIQ had to say about video software:

“We use CloudApp primarily for handling feedback. We’re big advocates of the ‘show, don’t tell’ principle at Intercom, and CloudApp helps us achieve that.”

Intercom found the ease of use for CloudApp so appealing that their team has reported a better flow and increase in ideas and creativity since they started utilizing CloudApp. Intercom makes customer messaging apps for sales, marketing, and support, and must have an easy way to work together between their offices in Ireland, San Francisco, London, and Chicago.

Geoffrey Keating, Content Marketing Manager at Intercom, noted: “Annotated screenshots are so much clearer than writing out: Can we increase the padding on the left corner of p 47 and fix the typo in the image?” In addition, he shared that his team saves measurable time by using the tool, considering the fact that they’re all in different time zones.

“CloudApp helped us see a 2x increase in the amount of marketing activities we could do per week, which helped us achieve a 10x growth this year,”

Ryan O’Hara, VP of Growth at LeadIQ, reported that his use of CloudApp helped him save hours of time at work each week which enabled him to spend more time on other marketing tasks–effectively bringing new customers to his business… a lot of new customers.

Video recording software is a tool available to your team to cause efficiency and provide clear communication and options for collaboration. It’s software that has proven to increase ROI by giving back hours of time to marketing teams (that were once overwhelmed with projects) and doubles as a great resource both internally and externally.

CloudApp is the premium experience that your team needs with the accessibility and ease of use that your team will appreciate. What’s more, CloudApp is the only

product among its competitors that brings image capture and editing, video capture, and GIF creation under one roof. CloudApp has been a catalyst for serious growth and increased revenue for so many companies. Try incorporating video into your marketing and see how it will help yours.

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