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2. Surprise and Delight Customers Old and New

Upgrade your content with visuals

Capture attention by creating and adding video to your content. Screen recording software lets you show your customers and potential customers how your product is intended to be used. It’s also a wonderful tool to provide interesting insights (that may otherwise go untold) when you record yourself on the screen as a way to connect with the viewer.

Quickly create how-tos and showcase your product:

GIFs and explanatory videos are invaluable when it comes to creating how-tos for customers. When your content is clear and to the point, customers feel that they have an advocate in your company. They’ll feel respected and grateful for the focus on details that could have helped them avoid a frustrating phone call or chain of emails with customer support. Video is also a game-changing way to showcase your product efficiently.

Reusable content for Customer Experience team:

The Customer Experience team can rest easy knowing your team has done great prep work with leads that became customers, but they’re going to need to know the expectations and information that customers are coming in with (in order to keep the customer journey on a smooth path). Video recordings are also a great resource for the Customer Experience team to reinforce training on product usage.

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