1. CloudApp to Improve Internal Collaboration

Improve Internal Collaboration

Plan, draft, and revise campaigns efficiently:

Brainstorming can be tricky with teammates when imaginations aren’t in sync. Instead of trying to sell a “vision,” why not show the vision? For instance, if you’re hoping to recreate Beyoncé’s iconic pregnancy photoshoot, but with dogs--and maybe cake pops instead of flowers, oh, and they’re sled dogs-- your team’s going to need some visuals. Because chances are high that not everyone knows who Beyoncé even is.

Videos are also a great replacement for lengthy feedback emails, and sometimes an informative screenshot is the only thing your content writer needs to draft a drip campaign. Video recording software tools provide valuable efficiency for your team.

Improve internal communication:

Don’t worry about the hassle of providing everyone with a login to view analytics on a campaign or show how your ads are performing across each social media platform. A quick screenshot or GIF can be emailed or Slacked to coworkers providing more time to celebrate that great click-through rate.

Develop A/B tests and update content:

With screen recording software CloudApp, A/B testing and tracking make information easier to view and share the software enables video & image links to be copied to a

clipboard and automatically stored in a searchable folder to help their users stay organized. CloudApp also has a Visual Search feature that makes finding content fast and easy, as everything is stored in the CloudApp Cloud.

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