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The Problem; You can’t afford miscommunication

As a professional communicator, you’re tasked with crafting just the right campaigns to inspire action and generate leads. Whether it’s top-of-funnel and you’re creating awareness and educating prospects– or you’re focusing on more bottom-of-funnel specific, direct information pieces, your goal is to articulate the intended message as accurately as possible and drive traffic to your business.

For many companies, the marketing team is the final stop, the end-all in the internal communication assembly line. Once a product has made its way to the marketing team, the process and standard set for communication surrounding the product are solidified. As the official communicators to external entities, the marketing team has the responsibility to uphold consistent messaging that product, sales, customer support, customer success, etc., must abide by to communicate clearly the uses and expectations for the product.

But what happens when miscommunications arise? Imagine using internal-use-only names for features in customer-facing messaging that is nowhere to be seen in the final product, and customers are left frustrated and confused. Suppose your team accidentally leaked information about a product that is still in beta and won’t be available for months to come, yet because of that small mishap, customers demand it now (and your company seems disorganized–not a great look).

Miscommunication happens externally as well. Though marketers are careful to avoid it, sometimes product usage and intent go above the customer’s head, resulting in confusion or unmet potential use of the product and eventual customer churn.

Incorporating explainer videos and how-tos with video recording software stops confusion before it even has the chance to present itself. It’s the clearest, most efficient way to communicate and explain something to an audience and anyone can do it. Screen recorder software isn’t a home movie, but it’s also not a polished, edited film. Its purpose is to improve productivity and efficiency in areas that could otherwise be prone to getting bogged down in details that are easier to show than tell.

Video can be a great connection point internally between design and marketing teams. Rather than going back and forth on iterations on email, Slack, angry texts, or phone calls– create an explainer video of exactly what you want the webpage, landing page, white paper, or display ad to be. Then simply send that over. CloudApp allows you to add text for clarification, arrows that point out precise areas of interest, GIFs to emphasize a process, and more. It’s the ultimate companion to projects to ensure that all information is presented accurately, so that your team can worry about their key areas of importance rather than whether an email was thoroughly understood.

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