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How Video Can Change Your Marketing And Increase Revenue​


Today’s marketers have to be tenacious if they are to change the tipping point and make a significant contribution to generating leads and sales. As the single role responsible for brand awareness and perception, marketing ultimately drives initial purchase and eventual loyalty and brand advocacy for a product or company. In the current landscape, crystal clear communication and engaging product information are essential elements to making it in a world saturated with a myriad of alternatives vying for your customers’ attention.

Imagine your marketing efforts generating the sole source of revenue for your company.

When a potential customer’s interest is piqued and immediately fed inviting, engaging information, they begin to make their way down the funnel and your marketing efforts generating a serious return is no longer a hypothetical. Yes, your marketing efforts can be the sole source of revenue for your company when you use smart marketing tools to draw attention in the most effective way.

Weapons available to marketers include photos, sounds, words, videos, and illustrations. But when we take into account the most current information available on the average consumer, identifying the most effective weapon in the marketer’s arsenal leads to one medium: video.

Research shows a 1majority of people would rather use video over text to learn about a product or a service, and that the average user spends more time on a website with video content. What’s more, most internet users in the United States consistently watch video content on their devices, and over half of today’s consumers want to see more video content from businesses they support.

But this ebook isn’t about creating video. This ebook is about how incorporating video will change your entire marketing process from internal conceptualization to external, consumer-facing content that drives revenue.

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