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Video and Your Team

The internal elements of a business are just as essential as the external elements. When it comes to employees, it’s important to make sure they are content, understanding, knowledgeable, productive, and efficient. After all, what you put out there for the general public is a reflection of how business and employees operate. Productivity and efficiency are key components that will aid in motivating team members and ultimately, aid in their delivery of products/services to clients.

How can video boost team productivity?

A productive team is an efficient team. Productivity is essential in every business as it’s correlation to the delivery of goods to consumers is strong and prevalent. On the other hand, a lack of productivity can lead to low-quality production, rushed work, or worst case scenario, the inability to deliver a product for the consumer. Low productivity can be costly for a business, ergo, introducing productivity tactics to your team is essential in maintaining good profit margins and overall team moral. A team member is only as productive as what is placed in front of them. Tell a web designer to design a site with vague instructions and they will struggle to figure out just what to do. They may create a plethora of designs or one nominal design that doesn’t match up with what the client needs. While it’s important for team members to be productive, they go off of what they are given.

Give lackluster instructions. Receive lackluster results.

Instructions can hinder productivity if they are either a) too vague or b) too complex. Instructions that are too vague will leave the task way too open-ended whereas instructions that are too complex can confuse an individual and leave them stuck. How do you combat this so your team members can better understand instructions and deliver measurable results? We previously mentioned just how many people are visual learners, ergo, delivering visual means, well, it just makes sense. Vague or complex instructions can lead to overthinking, under performing, or a back-and-forth string of email with no viable resolution and potentially, more questions. Creating videos, whether via CloudApps webcam recorder or screen recorder, can help overcome this dilemma by providing necessary information in an understandable format that isn’t overwhelming or lackluster. A person who better understands is more committed and more likely to deliver qualitative results.

How can an increase in production lead to a better ROI for the business?

The more we give in a simplistic manner, the more we get back. Ponder these scenarios:
  1. You are building a desk for your new home office. You pull out the instructions which is a 40 page manual riddled with an abundance of text. Overwhelming right? What once seemed like a doable task now seems daunting and almost not work it.
  2. The instruction manual for the desk you are building is a one-sided leaflet with vague instructions. The names of the pieces aren’t labeled, there are a few diagrams, but they aren’t clean. What could have taken you an hour will now take you double the time because you are left trying to solve things basically on your own.
  3. You are given a short, but descriptive manual. There is a good mix of imagery and texts, parts are labeled, and everything is clear and concise. When it comes to a task at hand, the instructions we are given play a huge role in overall production. The easier it is to understand the instructions, the faster the work will get done and the higher the quality. Utilizing video to task a project to a team member, give instructions, outline what is needed, etc, is a simplistic way to boost overall productivity in the workplace which is a win-win for everyone.

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