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Video and New Features

We’ve touched upon how introducing video into your business strategy can aid with the bond between the business and consumers, however, what can video do for the actual products/services themselves?

There is nothing more exciting that releasing a new product, service, or feature that you and your team have been working on for quite some time. This could be the next big thing is the thought that runs through your mind as you finally unveil the news. You want this to be bigger and better than  anything before, but how can you ensure that is the case?

Video brings life to business. Picture the following scenarios

A developer creates and markets a new app that will allow you to keep track of your prescriptions digitally. The app will set reminders, track quantity, provide digital QR codes you can utilize to fill your prescriptions, and so much more. When unveiling this app, the developer explains the features in a lengthy text-based post. Whilst the information is there and it is extremely valuable, it may be missed by a larger portion of individuals who simply don’t want to spend time reading paragraph after paragraph.

‍Now imagine the developer creates a short video highlighting the apps features and capabilities as opposed to writing a near-novel. Chances are people will be more inclined to watch a video and if they are hooked, they will watch the whole thing and take action.

‍This isn’t to say that other forms of delivering content aren’t viable, however, video certainly outranks many in terms of displaying valuable information whilst simultaneously pandering to the fact that a majority of online users simply want everything delivered ASAP.

Storytelling is a huge component of drawing people in. Telling a story in a visual manner can say things beyond what words can. If you have a new product, service, or feature you are unveiling, consider the following;

  • Creating a video for your team – perhaps not everyone was involved in the process, however, it’s important that everyone in your business has, at least, a basic knowledge of what the company has to offer. A short ‘what it is and how it works’ video delivered to your team can keep them on top and in the loop. You can use a screen recorder to accomplish that task
  • Creating a video for social – social media is POWERFUL and nowadays, very visual. Instead of writing out long-form explanatory content, opt for a creative video surrounding your new product, service, or feature that will capture the attention of social media users.
  • Creating a video for existing clients – unveiling something your existing clients could potentially benefit from? Let them know!

‍Video creation aids with tangible and material efforts as much as it does with human connection. The question being, if you could better how you deliver an important message, why wouldn’t you?

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