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Video and Existing Customers

As important as it is to drive profit and wow new, potential customers with the theatrics of video, keeping your existing customers happy is just as important. Whilst video on social media certainly aids in this regards, there are a multitude of other ways a business can better connect and maintain a relationship with current clients.

Addressing concerns, questions, and issues with video

Concerns, issues, and questions – they are inevitable when it comes to business. While some issues are beyond our control, the way we address them is entirely up to us. Sure, we would like to be where our customers are at all times, but it’s improbable as business expands. If your business is global and you’re located in the U.S., flying out to Italy to help a customer face-to-face just wouldn’t make sense. Using a screen recorder with the webcam enabled can help to connect you more with your customers.

How can businesses combat this dilemma?

CloudApps’ screen recorder tool allows you to showcase solutions, answer questions, and draw resolutions to issues a customer may be having. For example, if a client is having trouble figuring out how to utilize software you provide, a screen recording of a walkthrough can help them retain information and meet a resolution.

Crating a GIF with a GIF Maker is also a great way to articulate short and concise resolutions in a fast, deliverable manner.

Keeping in touch


The consideration of clients thereafter their initial purchase. Too often to businesses drive up a meaningful relationship with an individual prior to a sale and neglect to follow-up. Whilst it isn’t mandatory to follow up in most cases, doing so has many benefits including:

  • Keeping clients happy – the happier the client, the more inclined they are to continue utilizing your product/service.
  • Promoting reputation – satisfied clients are likely to leave raving reviews which of course, is good news for a business.
  • Referrals – when provided with exceptional service, clients are more likely to recommend your business to others which in turn accounts for more profit.

Following up via video can be done in a variety of ways. Using a GIF Maker or screen recorder to create a GIF or webcam recording reminding the client reiterating who you are and the fact that there is a human they can reach out to in the event they require to do so can do wonders for a client’s perception of the business. Furthermore, pre-recorded video messages thanking them for their service and providing a warm message can massage the connection, thus, keeping the client happy.

Keeping existing clients satisfied can not only promote the longevity of their use of a product/service, it is also grounds for them spreading the word about your business; generating more profits and keeping reputation positive.

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