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Video and Trust

One of the factors that caused video to blow-up is the trust factor it encompasses. Driving traffic via online sources such as social media and a site poses many pros, however, the problem that once impeded on online success was the inability to create a meaningful bond between the consumer and the business. When looking at retail shops, what keeps them afloat is their ability to create personable interactions with those that come into their path. A plethora of individuals flock to this and for good reason, why purchase something if you don’t feel a level of trust?

Luckily, the online world has taken a page from physical retail outlets and put a highlight on building trust and creating memorable interactions. Prior to addressing this, let’s first address what concerns have when communicating with businesses online in correlation to trust;

  • Is the person on the other end real? More often than not, people wonder if they are communicating with a real person of a bot, simply taking their answers for the sake of further sharing information thereafter.
  • How can I trust someone I can’t put a face to? We want to believe everyone has good intentions, however, it can be difficult to fully trust someone when you aren’t entirely sure who they are or even, what they look like.
  • How do I know I am not getting scammed? Transactions via the web can make people feel uneasy. Not knowing where your money is going to whom can drive you away.

How can video aid with this?

Video content can single-handedly rid consumers of these worries by creating a more interactive and personable experience. People appreciate the ability to see what someone looks like beyond a logo/brand and it’s imperative for businesses to take that into high consideration. How do we do this? The CloudApp screen recorder tool allows you to create short, meaningful videos of yourself or your team to show the humanized side of business. These can be pre-recorded to personalized for each individual. Unlike other means of creating a warm introduction, this format gives the consumer immediate knowledge of who you are, the fact that you are real, and a high sense of comfort.

Next time a consumer visits your site, poses a question, or simply wants to know more, opt for a quick introductory video. This will heighten their inclination to trust you and what you have to offer, thus, their desire to take action increases significantly. This makes for a happy consumer and a profitable win for the business.

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