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Video and New Customers

As previously mentioned, approximately 65% of the world are visual learners.

What does this entail exactly? More individuals can extract information and take effective action when presented said information in a visual format. Marketers and business owners alike have taken note of this and, thus far, around 87% of businesses have incorporated video into their online strategies. Video certainly provides a surplus of benefits for potential customers AND businesses as well. 83% who incorporated video into their business strategies saw a substantial increase in their overall ROI (return on investment).

Aside from social media, video can be used in a more personable manner to bridge the gap between the consumer and the business. Video content can create trust and authority whilst simultaneously providing the potential consumer with actionable content.

Introducing products/services through video

Long-gone are the days where long manuals written in size 6 font were the norm for trying to understand how a product or service works. It use to be said that complexity meant a business exuded a higher academia, thus, they were more credible. However, times have changed and people want things delivered to them in a quick and convenient manner. Hubspot’s data suggests that 68% of people prefer to learn about a new product/service via a short video when compared to other means of delivery.

Using a free screen recorder can be the perfect way to create a how to video quick and easy.

How can businesses utilize video to education new audiences on their products/services?

Video has the power to deliver content in a timely manner whilst still providing the utmost value any other form of media can provide.

The CloudApp screen recorder can give potential customers who are browsing around the market a more in depth feel of what your product/service is, how they can use it, and how it can benefit them. Little to no effort is required on the end of the potential consumer, which bodes well for them.

The best part? These videos do not have to be a full production. In fact, the shorter and simpler, the better as we live in such a fast paced world where people want to consume as much information as they can in the shortest time frame possible.

A simple recording of one’s screen demonstrating how a  product/service works is enough to grab the attention of an individual and persuade them to take a meaningful action.

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