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The Growth of Video

When video first became all the rage, many of us plugged our ethernet cables in and waited for what seemed like forever to watch various comedy skits, online news, or simply to follow along with our favorite online personalities. Video stayed predominately on video sharing platforms such as YouTube, Vevo, and Google Video. In 2007, Netflix announced their launch as a video streaming platform, for once again, entertainment purposes. 2012 gave light to Vine; a social media platform where users could share up to 6-seconds of video per vine. Many people saw this as a great way to share their creativity beyond just YouTube.

Between 2012 and now, many platforms have added video functions to their rooster of capabilities. Although there were a handful of individuals making money off of YouTube in the early days, the normality wasn’t as obvious as it is today.

Businesses started weighing in on the capabilities of videos and the potential reach they could incur from this media realm, thus, many highly considered adding it to their strategies. Today, video goes beyond solely a media-style for entertainment purposes; businesses and individuals alike can utilize video for a plethora of needs.

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