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Know Your Audience

Generations Y and Z are heavily visual creatures, and rightly so, as they’re the first generations to spend their formative years online. So if you’re already struggling to connect with this subset, it’s time to sprint so that you don’t miss out on connecting with the next round of tech-savvy humans that are beginning their entrance into the workforce.

Younger individuals today are growing up with the internet, smartphones, and social media as a rule, not an exception. They’re already well-versed in the areas that millennials had to learn. Millennials may remember the sound of dial-up internet while Generation Z doesn’t know life before WiFi. Millennials are more likely to still have a Facebook account, while many Gen Z kids have abandoned it for the video content-heavy Snapchat.

According to Forbes, Gen Z individuals use an average of five screens (compared to a millennial’s three) and switch between them for different purposes10. These screens include a smartphone, laptop, TV, desktop, tablet, and even a smartwatch. This is significant because it drives home the importance of shifting toward value in technology and investing in software that will help facilitate this specialized form of communication that will soon be the norm.

What’s more, if they’re interested in learning something new, Gen Zers will take it upon themselves to learn it. These people are highly proficient in self-education. Thirty-two percent of Gen Z (7 to 24-year-olds) watch lessons online and conduct research by watching videos11. So if your company can create a high-level, customized experience for your customer using screen recording and webcam recording software, you’ll be well on your way in preparations for the next generation of the labor force–both for your team and your potential customers.


  1. Affecting the customer experience all comes down to authentic communication, communication style, and the ease with which you do it. The common thread through each of the five points listed above is the significant need for more video content and adaptation to communication software. Find productivity software that employs features such as screen recorder, snipping tools, and GIF creators. These are the features that will help you talk with your millennial customers in the medium they’ve grown comfortable existing in and will likely result in a positive experience.
  2. Someone who has a positive experience with your company is more likely to become a loyal customer and even an advocate of your product. What could be better than having a trend-setting millennial in your court, ready to rave about your product to their equally review-conscious social media followers and friends?
  3. Seventy percent of the customer’s journey is dictated by how they feel they are being treated 12. So remember, when you’re using your high-tech video capture software to walk a customer through a process or a complicated question, don’t forget the number one tip of this read: be authentic. Use the technology to facilitate a deeper connection with your customer through clear communication and you’ll achieve exactly what you’ve set out to do. You will have created a millennial-approved, positive and forward-thinking customer experience.

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