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Speak Their Language

Consolidating the number of products an individual uses is key for millennials’ need for efficiency. Using screen recording software takes a small amount of time and helps to avoid any miscommunication, because of the personalized demonstration aspect. Clear, concise interactions are key to making customer interactions positive (and ensuring they’ll continue the conversation). In most cases, the ability to send a quick and easy video recording prevents company reps from having to hop on a call to explain something to a customer or keep a customer engaged in a chat (and good luck if you type something wrong). Chances are high that you have experienced a time when you, perhaps begrudgingly, spent too much time on the phone with customer support or hearing a sales pitch. Product management tools like CloudApp eliminate that pain point for customers.

‍Webcam recording software also saves teams a lot of time, allowing your team to work on more strategic tasks. Gainsight, for example, saves over 40 hours a month using CloudApp. Likewise, Outreach saves 21 hours a week by using the productivity software to report bugs and fixes, and G2 Crowd reported saving 88 hours a week by utilizing CloudApp to increase lead volume and shorten their sales cycle.

‍This software appeals to customer success/ support, product, and sales teams in businesses because of the intuitive nature of the product and concentration of a myriad of connection-driven needs in one hub. Companies save time, and their customers save time. Businesses also use the product management tools of this communication software in a wide variety of ways, including:

  • Onboarding new customers
  • Prospecting and closing new clients
  • Demoing product features
  • Providing product feedback
  • Reporting and tracking bugs and issues
  • Building team training/knowledge wiki
  • Explaining complicated workflows
  • Sending updates to teams or clients
  • Answering customer support tickets

“With CloudApp, we were able to take 2 to 3 typed out interactions and combine them into 1 GIF or video. This has eliminated the need for the rep to type out these mile-long responses” — Steve Davis, Customer Support Manager at Gainsight.

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