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Be Authentic​

Millennials conduct copious amounts of research before they make just about any purchasing decision. Because so much is available, data has shown that millennials are more likely to make decisions for their money and their life based on their values. A Nielsen report found that 73% of millennials will pay more for a product that is sustainable and the word “sustainable” is equated with “trustworthiness” in a millennial’s mind.

‍So how will you stand out? Emanate authenticity. These people have been inundated with choices their whole lives and their generation is spoilt with them. And you bet the one thing they know how to do is differentiate the better from the best- -kind of like the difference between a pair of Yeezys and a pair of Feezys, or Ray Bans from Ray Berries. Your product and team has a story. Tell it with transparency to invite connection with people both in and out of your company.

‍Trustworthiness and transparency allow you to connect with customers in an authentic way. Go beyond the taglines and offer information that isn’t typically required or shared on a product label or business brief– such as the brand story, how your brand may be contributing positively to the world, and how much your company upholds honesty and integrity with its employees and clients. It’s often independent initiatives that provide this information to millennials, but this extra effort is important– so don’t pass up the opportunity to do it. It could be the very thing that sets your company apart from the competitors. Some examples of ways to communicate authentically include having an ‘About Us’ page on your website, social media engagement to create community, opting for live-streams with a webcam recording software as opposed to a formal press release, etc.

‍Couple these well-founded efforts with communication software that speaks the way millennials do, and you’ve found yourself a pair of listening ears (at least for 8 seconds… the time it takes for millennials to decide whether they’ll move on to their next option).

‍G2 Crowd, for example, embraces this concept by creating personalized videos to share with their potential customers. Using screen recording software and annotated screenshots has enabled the company to grow to over $7m in its sales pipeline because of the connection aspect that videos provide. Matt Lazares, G2 Crowd Enterprise Account Executive, said of video capture software “…We are able to reach out to people that we typically can’t connect with.” (Read more at customers/g2-crowd here.)

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