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Case Study:

Social Tables

Caty Black

Customer Care Team Lead

"It’s better if they can see a video while showing them how to use our software. It just saves so many steps."

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Social Tables uses CloudApp to close Support Tickets 7 minutes faster


Social Tables is an a collaborative event software used by event planners and properties that has been used to plan over 2 million events. Their Customer Support team always stay on their feet to answer questions: every customer has their own set of unique event diagrams and customers occasionally have questions related to those diagrams.

Social Tables’ Support team has a video library at their disposal to answer customer’s questions. The challenge is to give a customized answer based on each customer's unique event plan. And to give the best answer as quickly as possible so the team can close Support tickets in a timely fashion.


The Support team uses CloudApp to send personalized screen recordings and video. ‘It’s better if they can see a video about their event while showing them how to use the software. It just saves so many steps.’ explains Caty Black, Customer Care Team Lead. It also makes them feel special and heard.

Talking about saving steps, they also use CloudApp to send heavy files to their customers via chat. Before, they would have to go through a lengthy process to send a exported file to them: they had to go into Salesforce, create a case, draft the email and then send the draft along with the exported file to the customer.

And when it's time to report a bug? They just create a ticket in Jira and send it to QA & Engineering. With the CloudApp integration in Jira, it takes only seconds to add images and video to a ticket to explain a bug. 'I love the JIRA integration since this saves about 3,000 steps for me when doing bug reporting.' adds Caty.


It reduces frustration on both sides. It’s easier for customers to understand the answer since the video demos their own tool.

The Customer Support team avoids confusion, miscommunication and unnecessary back-and-forth. An answer is as easy as: Command + Shift + 6, click Start, explain the solution, click Finish, paste the link in chat or email.

They can close Support tickets faster while improving customer satisfaction at the same time.

‘We try to have a 13 second response time which includes saying hello and resolving issues within the first 100 words said. Before we were having to create an entire new Salesforce case, and now I’d say it only takes us a long as it takes to capture the image (a few seconds).’ adds Caty.


  • Social Tables' team saves at least 3 hours per week
  • Reduces time to close Support tickets by 7 minutes
  • Improves Customer satisfaction