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Case Study:


How LeadIQ increased their revenue by 10 times while using CloudApp
The videos are actually selling for us when we are not around.


Founded in 2015, LeadIQ is a lead capture tool that enables its users to find prospects, discover emails and contact info of potential customers online. The Marketing team is facing the usual startup challenge: How to increase growth and visibility when you are spreading yourself thin in terms of resources?

Ryan O’Hara, VP of Growth at LeadIQ, runs business development, prospecting, emails, events, field marketing, webinars and also writes blog posts. He is always looking for solutions to be more efficient and cut steps out of each process. So how did LeadIQ increased their revenue by 10 over the past year?


LeadIQ virtually doubles the size of its team by automating as much as possible and by using tools to make them more productive. By using CloudApp in Marketing to create content, Ryan shaved hours off his week.

He creates blog posts based on email campaigns he tested and needs to blur sensitive information on the screenshots he uses. With CloudApp, it takes only 5 seconds to take a screenshot, blur information and upload it to WordPress. He also captures quick GIFs and records short videos on how to use their product and uses them not only in Marketing but in Customer Experience as well.


‘CloudApp helped us see a 2x increase in the amount of marketing activities we could do per week, which helped us achieve a 10x growth this year.’ says Ryan. By being able to do more in the same amount of time, Ryan brought a lot of new customers to LeadIQ.

Also, his files are securely stored in the Cloud and are accessible to the rest of his team, if he decides so. Everybody can then contribute to content creation and use content that has already been created by teammates. With a small team, people shouldn’t have to do the same thing twice. Sharing knowledge and content already created makes everyone more productive.

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