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Case Study:


Intercom uses CloudApp to improve communication across global offices
We use CloudApp primarily for handling feedback. We’re big advocates of the “show, don’t tell” principle at Intercom, and CloudApp helps us achieve that.


Founded in 2011, Intercom makes customer messaging apps for sales, marketing, and support, connected on one platform. Intercom has raised $116M in venture funding, and has 350+ employees across its San Francisco headquarters, Dublin R&D office, and London and Chicago offices.

Intercom teams needed an easy way to work together while being on different sides of the planet.


Intercom uses CloudApp to handle feedback: Comments about a specific project are gathered in Dropbox paper. If a conversation is needed, Intercom’s team uses Slack. When they need to collaborate and ask for changes, they use annotated screenshots and screen recordings. “Annotated screenshots are so much clearer than writing out: Can we increase the padding on the left corner of p 47 and fix the typo in the image?” says Geoffrey Keating from the Marketing Team.


Intercom teams save time by quickly giving feedback with a screenshot or screen recording instead of having to take 5 minutes to write an answer down. Also, by being able to explain exactly what they mean, they decreased confusion and need for long back and forth communications, made even harder by time difference.

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Intercom uses CloudApp to improve communication across global offices

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