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Case Study:

Help Scout

Help Scout’s VP of Sales saved 110 hours while creating engaging content for his prospects
I can’t remember how I worked before. I used Snagit for a few years but when I got introduced to CloudApp, there was no turning back.


Since launching in April of 2011, Help Scout now powers 8,000+ support teams in over 140 countries. With only 3 employees in the Sales team, Help Scout mastered the process of closing deals with limited resources. Efficiency is their moto.


To spend less time communicating and more time closing deals, the Sales team started using CloudApp videos. To answer a prospect’s question, they annotate a screenshot or record their screen and drag it directly into an email. Before, they would have to record a video, then download it, save it in a folder and then re-upload it as an attachment in their email. There would also be file size issues when sharing them. But not anymore.

Not only the Sales Team save time, they also delight their customers. They appreciate the easy-to-digest content and personalization.

They also use CloudApp internally to easily communicate with team members. For Salesforce reporting, they just take a screenshot of their 5 deals for the month and paste it in their Slack channel. As links unfurl automatically in Slack, teammates can get updates at one glance.


Nowadays, people have short attention span. Interaction with prospects needs to be eye-catching and straight to the point to stand out from the noise. A custom video is the best conversation starter. Also, it is easy to record and takes less time than have to write everything down.

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