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Case Study:


Basecamp saves time on Customer Support training by using CloudApp
Best. App. Ever. You've made supporting customers and training newer members of the team remotely so easy and simple. Thank you!


Released in 2004, Basecamp went from 45 to 2,581,030 accounts in 2017. Their Customer Success team has been facing 2 challenges: increase in customer requests/questions coming their way while staying efficient as a fully remote team.

Their answer to these challenges is airtight communication thanks to a combination of Basecamp, for team coordination, and Help Scout, for customer conversations. To bring this well-oiled machine to the next level, they added visuals powered by CloudApp (annotated screenshots, screen recordings, GIFs) as part of their daily communication.


The company is run in Basecamp so there’s a constant exchange of information internally. CloudApp is used in Basecamp to enhance the clarity of what is shared.

One of the big wins for the team has been to use CloudApp for training. Before, a teammate’s question would be answered with notes that were either oversimplified or overwhelming. There was usually a lot of back and forth to clarify and, sometimes the need to schedule a call to dissipate any persistent confusion. Now, the Customer Support team can explain something in great detail by complementing their notes with short videos, making it a lot easier to digest. These videos include specific example cases in action and can be rewatched whenever it’s needed. That’s invaluable in training when new hires are absorbing so much information at once.

When there’s a process with multiple steps involved or concepts that are new to the other party it’s usually better understood and less intimidating when they’re illustrated with a video or GIF. CloudApp allows us to add those elements to what we share in a really fuss free way.’ says Janice Burch, Customer Support at Basecamp.


By using visual elements to communicate internally or with customers, Basecamp increased clarity and avoided unnecessary frustration. They also saved a lot of time by building an efficient training process. By speeding up the onboarding process with video and GIFs, they can now trust fully trained teammates to help with the ever increasing customer requests.

Customers also benefit from the entire Customer Support team being on the same page and giving the best educated answer to their problem. ‘We learn new information all the time and then share those lessons, so we’re always either a student or teacher. The great thing about CloudApp is that it helps push us that much closer to what we value as a team: simplicity, clarity, and empowering each other by sharing our knowledge.’ adds Janice. Being able to easily share knowledge internally makes the entire team more efficient and successful.

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