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53% of the Fortune 500 use CloudApp

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Customer Case Studies


Intercom uses CloudApp to improve communication across global offices

G2 Crowd

G2 Crowd Sales team has built over $7m in sales pipeline using CloudApp to create personalized videos for customers


The Drift Customer Success team saves 56 hours every week with CloudApp

Help Scout

Help Scout’s VP of Sales saved 110 hours while creating engaging content for his prospects


Gainsight saves $10k+ a year while providing a better Customer Experience


How Buffer’s Support team saves 24 hours per week while removing customer frustration


Outreach saves 21 hours per week by using CloudApp for bug reporting and fixes

Social Tables

Social Tables uses CloudApp to close Support Tickets 7 minutes faster

Cloud Elements

Cloud Elements engineering team saves 50 minutes every day using CloudApp


How LeadIQ increased their revenue by 10 times while using CloudApp


Basecamp saves time on Customer Support training by using CloudApp

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Over 4 million people use CloudApp's
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