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“Show, don’t tell” isn’t just a played-out mantra for creative writers.

In fact, it’s a core educational philosophy. Remember the way your math teacher would step up to the chalkboard and do the first problem for you?

That’s called modeling. And it works because, as humans, knowing what something looks like helps us recreate it ourselves. That’s why using video to train and onboard new employees is way more effective (and so much easier!) than traditional training.

Make new info easy to process

Do you remember your first few weeks in the office? Whoa, right?

Those early days are always the most intimidating. Not only are you getting to know an entirely new workplace and culture, you’re also absorbing a tonof new info from a million different teams and departments within the business.

Video makes processing new information way easier by illustrating unfamiliar concepts in a clear and simple way. Instead of feeling overwhelmed and intimidated, new team members can see these ideas in action, and find some much-needed relief in knowing they can always go back and brush up on important information when needed.

Cut the back and forth

Try as we might to keep it simple, some questions require detailed answers.

Instead of spending an entire afternoon collecting and collating notes from multiple sources, video lets you explain your most detailed or complex multi-step processes quickly. By using short videos to complement your notes you make them much easier to digest, while making sure you’re not overwhelming your new team members or oversimplifying an important process.

You’ll also save a ton of time going back and forth for clarifications, setting up calls, getting input, etc.Basecamp saves 80 minutes per week by using CloudApp for Customer Support training and internal collaboration.

With video, you can get everyone’s input once. One fuss-free way to do it is to simply ask team members to include specific example cases in action, so that these step-by-step instructions can be rewatched later. (With CloudApp it’s a total breeze to do this straight from your desktop.)

Save the stress

Let’s be honest, messy communication leads to messy feelings and messy results. And that’s so not what you’re about.

Video helps you communicate in a way that’s simple, clear, and empowering. It eliminates the stress of misunderstanding and puts the focus on sharing knowledge in a more personalized and productive way.

And isn’t that what a great company culture is really all about?

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