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How to Improve Your CSAT Score with CloudApp

Use CloudApp to Improve Your CSAT Score

The customer satisfaction CSAT score is one of the most important metrics for a support rep to watch. It is a direct way to gauge the quality of your process. Your team’s ability to increase ticket volume, reduce response time and foster quality service correlates with customer happiness. Learning specific ways to impact each of these areas will help customers feel happier.

Smarter, faster support is a good strategy for any support team. With the right tools and features in place, that strategy can be brought to life. The sooner that customers feel understood, the sooner you can work together to resolve customer issues. With CloudApp’s recording features, teams like ShipStation and Social Tables have boosted their CSAT scores.


Embed Inline GIFs into Email

Customers consume plenty of texts on a daily basis. They will sooner appreciate content that is engaging and personalized. With CloudApp, you can insert an inline GIF to boost the quality of your content. Embed a sleek autoplay GIF to showcase a bug. Use GIFs to clearly direct someone through an interface. A homemade GIF of you to say “thanks for your patience” will show a customer you care.

Part 1: Create a GIF with CloudApp

Step 1: Click the CloudApp icon on your menu bar

Step 2: Click the GIF icon in the icon nav

Step 3: Select between GIF or HD webcam recording

Step 4: Hit “Start” to record

Step 5: When you’re finished, press the “Finish” button

Part 2: Share the GIF in your email

Step 1: Drag and drop the GIF directly from the desktop app

Step 2: The GIF automatically plays as soon as a customer opens an email.

The Benefits: Reduce Resolution Time

Along with creativity and personalization, GIFs can save you a good chunk of time. Customers watch GIFs on repeat, understand what you mean, and have fun with the process.

  • Engage customers visually
  • Save time by recording a process vs. hopping on a call

Gainsight uses CloudApp for its personalization capabilities. Their team saved 40+ hours per month, with CloudApp’s tools. That translated to saving over $10K dollars in ROI. They have higher CSAT and more bandwidth to serve more customers.

Record Your Webcam to Personalize your Message

How to Record Your Webcam with CloudApp

Step 1: Click the CloudApp icon on your Menu bar

Step 2: Click the CloudApp icon on your menu bar

Step 3: Click the GIF icon in the icon nav

Step 4: Select between GIF or HD webcam recording

Step 5: Hit “Start” to record, hit “Finish” when you’re done

Keep your Customers Happy and Informed

‍Your company’s biggest asset is your customer. It’s important to keep them happy and let them know that a human is behind your product. Small measures to boost personalization and efficiency can make all the difference. No matter which team you work on, your customers will notice the small things you do to cater to their needs.

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