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Customer Experience

Our best resources on customer experience management, tools, processes, and planning all in one place for you!

What is Customer Experience?

To many, customer experience is the essence of a relationship between company and consumer at every point in the journey. From initial advertising impression to retention activities, the customer experience is vital to a happy and fulfilled customer. Customer involves everything from marketing to sales to product. Every touch point in the customer journey has to be managed so that the brand feels consistent to everyone. So how is it done? How is such a large feat managed?

We’ve compiled our best resources on customer experience management, tools, design, and much more to help you nail your customer experience efforts down. Whether you’re in management, a new customer experience associate, or someone just looking to learn, we’ve got something here for you! And of course, be sure to check out how CloudApp can help you have a more consistent and convenient customer experience.


Creating a Customer Experience For Millennials

Millennials represent nearly 1/4 of the U.S. population (U.S. Census bureau) They think differently and interact with brand differently This guide will give you an understanding of why and how to engage with Millennials using video and other mediums to create a customer experience


7 Ways to Create the Best Customer Service Experience

Customer Support. Every company has it, but not every company excels at it. Those that have the best customer support really seems to know what they’re doing! So what are they doing? We’ve compiled a list of seven tips to create the best customer service experience. Check it out!


Customer Support Tool

Customer support is a part of any successful company’s offering and service. But what tools do these successful companies use to do great work? Enter CloudApp! With the ability to screenshot, record, and annotate problems and share them with customers, it is a perfect tool for every customer support team. If your company is struggling or wants to improve your support, CloudApp is the way to go.


Your Guide to Customer Experience Management

Business success, at its core, comes from the ability to acquire and retain customers and consistently meet their needs. A lot of companies face similar challenges in their efforts to build a good customer experience such as bias, data, and consistency. So how do you go about building good customer service and experience. Check out our four steps and more!