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Call-to-Action Button

Call-to-Action Button

Make the most of CloudApp with an adaptable button. Link a help article, close deals with a sales link, and more – because now, you can add a clickable action to any drop.

Check out our new Call-to-Action customizable button with Phin Hochart, CloudApp’s lead Product Manager!

Improve the Customer Experience with a Clear Call-to-Action

Encourage users to perform desired actions with the help of a clickable button. With a clean, compelling design, the CTA box can be added to your content to drive engagement and guide users interaction. Call-to-action buttons can entice users to learn more and explore more content. Who doesn’t love clicking a big colorful button? Download CloudApp to create a completely customizable call-to-action button that plays on the curiosity of viewers.

Increase KPI’s with Decreased User Friction

Your viewers shouldn’t have to go out of their way to perform a desired action. A clickable button is a clear and intriguing invite that’s tough for users to turn down. A call-to-action button is a fantastic way to encourage viewers to interact with your content. By deepening engagement and guiding users to perform specific actions, you can boost your success rates.

Build Brand and Relationships with Customizable Features

Not only is this feature available at the click of a button, but we support you in maintaining and building your personalized affect! As such, we’ve built in features to empower you to incorporate your branding elements into the build of the button.

Reach Users on the Go with Mobile Functionality

The call-to-action button feature works on mobile devices too, so none of your viewers will be left out. Buttons are especially enticing for those using a mobile device with a touch screen.

What can you do with the Call-To-Action Button?

The following are just a couple of the potential use cases for the new call-to-action button.

Product "Training/Support"

Link to articles on how to complete a task or get the most out of a feature in your product.

Product "Download Here"

Link to articles on how to complete a task or get the most out of a feature in your product.

Product "See Our Roadmap"

Connect your companies’ product roadmap to any drop so customers can see what to expect next.

Product "Upgrade Now"

Encourage customers to upgrade with a simple click of a button.

Product "Start My Free Trial"

Invite prospective customers to try out your product with a free trial.

Sales "Schedule A Meeting"

Attach a Calendly link to allow your viewers to take the next step in the conversion path.

Sales "Book A Demo"

Further engagement with potential clients by allowing them to book a time to demo the product.

Sales "Learn More"

Erase funnel friction as you incorporate sales resources in a link in your drop.

Customer Support “Talk with a Live Agent”

Client struggling to utilize your product, even after an explanatory video? Add in this CTA to allow them to directly reach out following viewing your drop.

Customer Support ‍“Contact Us”

What if it turns out the user is experiencing a product glitch? Allow them to submit a ticket or send an email at the click of a button.