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Show Instead of Tell

Submitted by: Russ Thornton

Learn how Russ uses CloudApp for client service to show solutions.

Our community is over 3 million users strong and growing. CloudApp provides instant collaboration for individuals and enterprise level through sharable screenshotsscreen recording videos, and GIFs. But don’t just take our word for it- we have asked some of our power users to tell us about their experience using our platform. Learn how our power users are leveraging CloudApp in their daily workflows to improve productivitycommunication, and more!‍

I use videos to “show instead of tell” with partners, clients and others

- Russ Thornton

About our power user, Russ Thornton

Russ provides thoughtful retirement planning for friendly, financially responsible women (and their families) in their 50s and 60s. He’s based in Atlanta, and is happily married to Elizabeth. They’re the proud parents of Winnie, a wonderful pit bull rescue dog.‍

How long have you been using CloudApp?

Since 2017‍

How many drops do you make in a week?


What is an example of a CloudApp screenshot you’ve created?

Screenshot of email survey results:

What is your main use for CloudApp’s productivity software?

Primarily use it for client service > screenshots to show visual example of what I may be referring to in an email or over chat; sometimes also share screenshots on Twitter; will also annotate screenshots to blur confidential information or highlight something I want to draw attention to; use videos to “show instead of tell” with partners, clients and others — plan to use more video for this purpose in the future‍

What is your favorite GIF?

Pretty much anything from The Office:

At CloudApp, we are continually striving to find the best ways to provide a great customer feedback led product and engage with our community of millions of users. We would be nothing without our CloudApp champions and love to hear from power users who love our product and benefit from it! If you would like to be featured as a power user, fill out the form below.